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Vivid Leadership is dedicated to helping you and your team fulfill your potential.

We work with leaders in the non-profit sector who want to make a positive change to their team’s well-being and effectiveness.

Vivid Leadership

What we do

Imagine feeling energised and focussed. Imagine being empowered and excited to work towards achieving your goals, knowing that you’re on the way to achieve more than you thought possible. Imagine leading an energised team of individuals, united, aligned, and thriving.

We’re here to help you accomplish this and more.

Leading a motivated, efficient, and thriving team is undoubtedly rewarding. And yet, as a non-profit leader, you’re all too familiar with the unique challenges this role entails.

  • You’re facing tight budgets, time pressures and numerous stakeholders.
  • The uncertainty of the last year has thrown your plans into disarray.
  • Your team is scattered, tired and struggling to stay engaged and productive.
  • You’re constantly putting out fires rather than working strategically.
  • No matter how much effort you all make, it never feels like enough.

Do you need the tools and insight to overcome these challenges and pressures? Do you want to feel happier in your role and achieve your true potential?

Training & Facilitation

We create bespoke training courses and workshops to help you and your team maximise a particular skill set and improve performance in a varied range of management areas. Working with you to identify the skills you would like to improve and then tailoring our offering to best suit your specific needs is what we do best. All courses are followed up and a package of ongoing support implemented if required.

Personal & Group Coaching

 We understand the many and varied pressures that your role can add to your daily life. Trying to work efficiently whilst struggling to maintain positive momentum with all these pressures can be challenging. We recognise the importance of identifying these pressures and working with you to best overcome the challenges they bring so you can enjoy a happy work life balance.

Leadership Coaching

 As a leader in any organisation we know that you have many strings to your bow! We also understand your diverse role involves numerous different stakeholders and the stress that this juggle can add to your role. We work with you to identify these pressures and help you put in place strategies to best overcome the challenges they present so you can focus on what you do best. 

Charly White Vivid Leadership


Dynamic team development programme for the non-profit sector.

You want your team to thrive, not just survive. You want a team that’s motivated, inspired, united, aligned, healthy, and happy – not to mention effective!

Purpose, Progress, Performance is designed for the unique challenges of the non-profit sector, to elevate wellbeing, resilience, and performance on an individual, team and leadership level.

Blending training, group, and one-to-one coaching, you’ll receive all the tools you need to accelerate performance, build on your existing team dynamics and take things to the next level.

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Charly White Vivid Leadership

Why we are different

Coaching and training in the non-profit arena is our speciality. With our expertise in this industry, we’re well equipped to understand the unique challenges you face as well as what you want to achieve.

We know where you’re coming from. We can see how your role fits into the bigger picture. And we know the jargon. This means we’re truly able to help you on a level that will positively impact your everyday role. This depth of understanding combined with our excellent coaching and training skills, sets Vivid Leadership apart from the rest.


We pride ourselves on helping all our clients reach their full potential and to have lots of fun along the way. We think we do a great job but it is always nice to hear straight from the horses mouth what our clients think about how we help them.

Charly is a highly skilled coach, facilitator and trainer with the ability to empower others to work effectively and reach their potential.

Susan Foster, Director, National Trust

Working with Charly was incredibly beneficial for my team. We came away enthused and immediately put into practice what we had learnt and felt empowered to take ownership of our own resilience and well-being. I would highly recommend this training.

Lisa Cousins, CEO, Ethiopiaid

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