So we’ve already talked about ways you can help to build rapport with people, great first impressions are necessary to stand out from the crowd. But how then do you use this rapport as a stepping stone into building and strengthening trust? Let’s find out!

As with rapport building, the fundamentals of strengthening trust follow the same rules. Being genuine, polite, friendly, and truly listening will go a heck of a long way. 

It starts with people getting to know you. When they know you they’ll begin to like you – and when you like someone, you tend to trust them as well. So bear these ‘know, like, trust’ factors in mind. 

Building trust isn’t ‘rocket surgery’. Take some time to think about people you trust. What qualities do they share? When was the first time you realised you truly trusted them and why? And ask yourself, are you truly trustworthy and is this apparent? 

Telling the truth is obviously a huge factor in building trust, but what about information sharing? Withholding important information can be seen as deceptive to some, so make sure you’re sharing necessary and relevant information with those around you. 

And I’m sure I don’t need to lecture you on the difference between sharing information and gossip! Gossiping is one sure-fire way of losing trust, not to mention respect so make sure that line is clear. 

If you have a well-intentioned approach, this will go a long way in developing trust and strengthening relationships whether they be budding new ones or those that go way back. Leading by example will inspire the folk around you to follow suit, integrity speaks volumes and when you’re seen to be embodying this, you’ll be elevating others. 

It’s all very simple – be trustworthy and people will trust you. 

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