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Helping you to expand who you are! A potent way to transform how you see yourself, others and the options available to you, so you produce the best results you want in your personal and professional life.

Vivid Leadership Workshops and training


Coaching is a great way to offer support to a person at every level of the organisation in becoming who they want to be. Rather than simply ‘telling’ you what to do, we work together to build awareness and understanding that empowers choice and effectively leads to positive change in whatever area you wish to improve in.

Vivid Coaching will help you achieve your personal best and produce the results that you want in both your personal and professional lives. Our coaching helps un-pick the sometimes complex issues we are facing and facilitates you in finding the solution to be able to solve the problem or view the challenge in a different light to help you be the very best that you can be in everything that you choose to do.

The experience of coaching is thought-provoking, transformational and at times challenging. You will see your world in a whole new light, which in turn will lead you to think differently and take action. 


Vivid Group Coaching brings the coaching conversation into a small group context, usually with up to eight participants. Through taking part in group coaching, you’ll benefit from the intimate conversation space focused on shared goals, deepening understanding around challenges, and taking aligned action.

Group coaching is a powerful way to open up and rejuvenate communication across your organisation. The close engagement among group members along with the strong focus on helping each other will quickly allow bonds to form, meaning you and your group members will trust and rely on each other to achieve your goals.

Group coaching is also a fantastic follow-on from training, supporting you in applying your learning and making positive changes over time.


Vivid Leadership Coaching is about expanding who you are; it’s a potent way to transform how you see yourself, others, as well as the options available to you.

A new type of leader is being called upon – those with the emotional and intellectual ability to create a vivid image of the future, with the passion to work hard to deliver, and with the interpersonal skills to elevate others as they rise themselves.

Imagine being connected to what you really care about, and the difference you want to make. Develop your leadership style, presence, authority, and impact with our Leadership Coaching.

Through in-depth conversations and action planning you’ll move beyond negative habits and dissolve barriers that currently seem immovable. The experience will be deeply transformative. Powerful results can be expected, including huge shifts in personal confidence, more impactful relationships, as well as improved organisational performance.


Do you have an overwhelming desire to fulfil the goals and ambitions you know you’re capable of? First you need to uncover what’s been holding you back.

Personal coaching gives you space, support, challenge, and focus which allows you to delve deeper into yourself. Uncovering, discovering, and recovering the hidden parts of yourself that will help you to align with your core values and take inspired action.

Together we’ll create and implement a bespoke plan allowing you to tackle challenges, limiting beliefs, and other areas of mindset. You’ll see an increase in motivation, resilience, and well-being as you walk towards a more balanced and fulfilled life.

This was my first coaching experience and I have been absolutely delighted with it. Charly was easy to build rapport with and helped me with practical tools and encouragement during our sessions. I would highly recommend Charly and her coaching to anyone who feels they want to make changes, are considering whether coaching might be right for them or are thinking of trying it for the first time.

Simona Fionda, Director, Financial Services Compensation Scheme

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