In our last blog We love networking – and so should you!, we covered the kind of networking experience you can expect at Leaders Connect.

Fun, friendly, relaxed, supportive, useful – ticking all the boxes for an event you’d want to attend, right? 

And we also talked about the difference between going to an event to sell yourself versus attending in order to get to know people, your industry peers, and listen to inspirational speakers. 

But still, there’s a hard-to-break habit that plenty of networking events continue to encourage – the self-pitch. And sure, pitching yourself certainly has its place, but knowing where and when to pitch versus where and when to simply be your fabulous self is key. 

You know the saying, or at least a version of it from the wonderful Maya Angelou, “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Let’s take this into the networking arena for a minute. If you’re someone who is approachable, confident, relaxed, makes people feel at ease, listens… you’re way more likely to be memorable. You’re definitely going to be more memorable than the stuffy individual whose only topic of conversation is what their business can do for you! 

Genuine connection, being yourself, having fun, chatting about things other than business – I mean, that’s how you make friends, isn’t it? 

Networking, along with social networking, has created an environment where people forget to be human – they forget the social part of networking. 

Sure, you have your reasons for being there, as does everyone else, but to truly get the most from the experience, simply be a sociable human – be you.

Leaders Connect is an opportunity to build a trusted support network, make some new business besties, champion and cheerlead one another. Not just that, it’s a chance to create collaborative opportunities, share knowledge and tips, and, more often than not, referrals too. 

We also have two inspirational non-profit sector leaders, Carly Nieri and Julie Worrall, talking about their experiences of leading through the unexpected. 

So join us in Bristol on the 30th November 2022 to connect with fantastic leaders just like yourself. 

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Have fun, meet new people, grow your network, and let’s lead together.