In my last blog (5 Ways to Feel More Confident When Communicating), we looked at ways in which you can boost your actual confidence in order to communicate effectively. Assuming you’ve been practising, the next step is to make sure you’re projecting your confidence in the right way. 

Of course, you’ll have the added benefits of real self-confidence beginning to shine through at this stage, so let’s build on this and take it to the next level. 

These ‘do’s and don’ts’ all require self-awareness, and with practice, you’ll be communicating with confidence, authority, and influence.

Body Awareness

  • Do make eye contact
  • Don’t stare intensely at people
  • Do use an open posture
  • Don’t slouch or cross your arms
  • Do gesture and use your arms and hands
  • Don’t fidget or fiddle with props

Vocal Awareness

  • Do use a clear tone of voice
  • Don’t mumble or vocalise your internal dialogue
  • Do vary your vocal tone – be expressive and emotive
  • Don’t be robotic and monotonous 
  • Do keep an even pace and flow
  • Don’t speak too quickly 

Verbal Awareness

  • Do use plain and concise language
  • Don’t use unnecessary jargon or formal words
  • Do use simple sentences – short and sweet
  • Don’t over-complicate your point
  • Do storytell and give examples where relevant
  • Don’t go off on tangents 

Audience Awareness

  • Do listen attentively and respond
  • Don’t just wait for your turn to speak
  • Do understand your listeners’ perspective
  • Don’t make assumptions about their point of view
  • Do give your full attention to the interaction
  • Don’t zone out or get distracted 

Of course there are many other ways for you to let your confidence shine whilst empowering others to do the same. If you and your team want to learn this fine art, contact us today.

In our bespoke Purpose, Progress, Performance programme, we give you the training and tools you and your team need to improve your self-confidence when communicating, as well as how to effectively project confidence. 

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