In my last blog we talked about goals versus intentions, I’m hoping it helped you to see how you can make your goals more tangible through setting intentions. 

And now, let’s dive into whether or not your goals are realistic.

We’re all guilty of being super hard on ourselves. And we’re all guilty of overestimating AND underestimating ourselves. 

Studies have found that we tend to overestimate the change that will happen in the short term and underestimate the change that will happen in the long term. 

So these are more reasons why we need to be focussing on our intentions – our behaviours, actions, and habits that build up over time. We can tweak as we go. The goals then become more realistic and we’re able to make our achievements more predictable

However, when people tell you to “be realistic”, it’s often that they’re being pessimistic!

We encounter other’s projections of their own limiting beliefs and it can certainly have an effect on our own beliefs of what we’re capable of. But, by instilling yourself with your sense of purpose, acting on your intentions, and measuring your progress, you’ll be in a much better position to confidently and consistently meet your goals – regardless of other people’s ‘realistic’ expectations.

Intentional intentions

I mentioned in my last blog that one of my intentions for this year is to arrange two coffee shop catch-ups per week, the goal being to nurture my connections with those around me. And of course following through on my intentions will allow me to achieve that goal. 

But, I know I have to be intentional with my intentions. Bear with me, I’ll try to explain… 

The intention itself is not enough. If I want to build my connections, I need to do the action WITH intention. The action serves a purpose and I need to be intentional about HOW I go about it. I need to make sure each action counts towards the goal. 

So sure, I could meet up with people and talk about the latest on a TV show we both enjoy, we could discuss conspiracy theories, or the weather – but that won’t nurture my connection with that person enough. It might be enjoyable, but the point is that each interaction needs to be meaningful. And so I have to approach each interaction in a considered manner. Intentionally. 

I hope that helps to explain being intentionally intentional with your intentions! 

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