In my last blog we talked about reflection and how important it is to look back in order to look forwards – pausing and reflecting on the going on over the last year will help you see the path ahead with more clarity. 

Taking the time to reflect is often something we have to discipline ourselves to do. The temptation to keep on pushing forwards regardless is one we all succumb to, but is it really productive?

How many times have you ended up somewhere you didn’t plan on being, simply because you kept on moving forwards without taking some time to review where’d already been? Many of us can find ourselves in situations where it’s difficult to navigate the next steps, because we hadn’t intended on having to take them. 

Giving yourself the opportunity to sit down and really think about the last year, or few months, or even a few weeks is crucial. It’ll allow you to see the next steps more clearly because you’ll get familiar with those that brought you to this particular place. You’ll have a better understanding of what went well, and what didn’t. You’ll identify the red flags you dismissed and be better equipped to recognise them in the future. 

And reflecting doesn’t have to be an arduous task. It’s allowing yourself the headspace to think – let your mind wander and meander through the journey. By all means, if you want to do an analysis and review, I’m not stopping you – but reflection for me embodies kindness and self-compassion.

Reflect without judgement. Celebrate your wins. Learn from your mistakes.