It’s that time of year again! 

December is upon us and it’s so easy to let this month slip through your fingers – winding down for the holidays, tying up loose ends, and for some – an overwhelming yearning for the opportunity to step away from the office. I get it, we all need a break, right?

But – indulge me for just a moment…..

Are you feeding into your escape fantasy rather than taking action to positively alter your circumstances? 

Don’t get me wrong, we all need to escape the trials and tribulations of life and work at times, I’m not knocking that. But consider for just a minute how you could use your down-time a little more effectively. 

And, by all means, crack open the Eggnog and watch Elf, I mean, you deserve this escape, for sure, but how much are you really going to chill? If you’re unsatisfied with your situation, you’re always going to have that nagging voice in the back of your head telling you this is merely, or barely respite. 

And I’m really not trying to create ‘more work’ for you, let me explain where I’m going with this….


Depending on where you’re from, R&R can mean a variety of things – all of which share a similar sentiment:

Rest and Recuperation 

Rest and Relaxation

Rest and Recovery

Rest and Recreation

I’m sure you can spot the theme here.

In business it can also mean, ‘Rewards and Recognition’… which segues nicely into my own variety of R&R – Reflect and Review.

Give yourself a gift in making time to reflect. Look back over the last year and ask yourself a few questions. 

  • What’s gone well? 
  • What can I keep doing to progress?
  • What strengths have I uncovered? 
  • When did I feel most satisfied?
  • What have I achieved?
  • What gave me the greatest sense of joy?

And naturally you’ll begin to see where you want to make improvements, you’ll be inclined to uncover what’s not working for you too – this is your chance to really review.

  • What changes do I want to make?
  • How can I facilitate these changes effectively?
  • Where is my potential being unfulfilled? 

This is an invitation to spare yourself an hour or two, to wander into your mind and do something useful while you rest. It’s proactive. And it’s disciplined self-care, isn’t it? 

Looking back in order to truly see forwards is a gift that you can give yourself this year. 

Then, kick back and enjoy those mince pies. I know I will. 

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